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BARBACHART (Bar Chart Race Script for After Effects)

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You need to create a Bar Chart Race or a Bar Graph Race in After Effects for an animated infographic, but have no idea where to start from, or may be you just have no time to create it!

Well, I have you covered: I have developed the right After Effects script for you. Easy!
You will only have to click a couple of times to create a composition containing a working Bar Chart Race.

With the new version 2.1 you can create

Horizontal Bar Chart Races

Vertical Bar Chart Races (Great for Tiktok and Instagram!)

Donut (doughnut) Graph Races.

Horizontal Bar chart Races with both positive and negative numbers (NEW)

Vertical Bar chart Races with both positive and negative numbers (NEW)

Watch the video Above for the user guide of version 1.6.


Despite putting MANY HOURS into creating this script I regard it as far from finished! Aside from adding more types of Charts and improving the color management, I would also love to hear your feedback on the existing Charts. This will allow me to review what I’ve created so far and improve it. Of course, these updates will be free of charge!

Depending on the scale of the update, it may affect the initial buying price, so it’s worth getting in early!

Let's see how it works!

The data will have to be stored in a CSV file. I provide you with some sample CSV files to play with. You can either modify these ones or create new ones with the same format, using Excel, Numbers, Open Office, Google spreadsheet...

The first column is the temporal value, while the following columns contain the data to be animated for each chart. You will have to put your data in this format. Do not use commas (,) inside the cells, as this is a CSV file and could be misinterpreted.

If you want to add Country Flags, you just have to add after the label a hashtag with the code of the country, for instance "Italy #it". Here you have a full list of the country codes

In After Effects, after the installation of the script (see below), the first thing to do is to import the data by clicking on the Button CSV:

After that, you can write your title , the duration of the animation in seconds and the maximum width in pixel of the bar chart.

Finally, click on the CREATE BAR CHART or CREATE DONUT CHART icon.

A new composition will be created with the Bar chart race, ready to be previewed!!

You can still modify many parameters on the Layer - Essential Properties:

For instance, using the "orderBy" parameter, you can select to order the bars during the race with ascending values, descending, or even with no order.

Feel Free to customise labels, fonts and colors!

The script is compatible with After Effects CC2021 and following.

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1. Drag the file barbachart 2.1.jsxbin file to the "\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels" folder of your After Effects installation location.

a. WINDOWS --> C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects (version)\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

b. MAC --> /Applications/Adobe After Effects (version)/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

2. IMPORTANT: open menu Edit - Preferences - Scripting & Expressions.

Check the box "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network" (This is necessary as the script will create a subfolder in the document folder, containing the license information and the temporary files).

If you are using the latest After Effects Version, please note that "Default Position properties to Separated Dimensions" must be disabled in Preferences > General.

3. Open After Effects (or restart it if it was already open). You'll find BarbaChart listed at the bottom of the 'Window' menu.

4. You can then dock BarbaChart anywhere in your interface.


Please use the following Support Group on Facebook to get support:

Data Visualisation in After Effects and Premiere Pro

Follow us on Facebook for updates and Tutorials:

BarbaChart Website:


You may not distribute, rent, sub-license or otherwise make available to others the Software. Full license agreement will be distributed together with the script.

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You will get a UI script to install in your After Effects and a sample CSV file with data. With just a couple of clicks you will be able to animate a Bar Chart Race

AE CC2021 +
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BARBACHART (Bar Chart Race Script for After Effects)

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